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Challenge Room types

Free challenge room
  • Price: Free.
  • Perfect for those new players who want to try Player Wars. Each player can create a maximum of 3 free challenge rooms daily.
Chill challenge room
  • Price: 0.5$ (in $LEAP)
  • The cheapest rooms where you can compete with other Players without risking a lot of money.
Exciting challenge room
  • Price: 5$ (in $LEAP)
  • Things get a little livelier, the entry is cheap, but the prizes start to get bigger.
Brave challenge room
  • Price 20$ (in $LEAP)
  • The bravest will be those who access this room, the risk is high, but so is the reward.
Extreme challenge room
  • Price 100$ (in $LEAP)
  • No more fooling around. This is extreme, enter this type of room only if you and your Player are only one.
Insane challenge room
  • Price $2,000 (in $LEAP).