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Activities and Events


With an ever-expanding metaverse, the Players will always be looking to find new and exciting things to do throughout the Quantum World. As the Quantum Leap team continues to expand the metaverse, new and innovative mini-games will continually be introduced to the Quantum World, some being free-to-play and others introducing new earning mechanics.

Subcommunity Building

With such a long list of partnered projects across the Web3 and Web2 ecosystems, there is already a demand to introduce a place for these communities to spend their time. The Quantum Leap team will be introducing the opportunity to our beloved partners to build within our ecosystem, providing their communities the support and a place to call home in the metaverse.


Less of a gamer and more of a trader, but still love the metaverse? Love the ease of access of buying and selling NFTs without ever having to leave the metaverse? Don’t worry, the Quantum Leap team has thought and planned this all out already. You can expect to see an NFT marketplace here in the Quantum World!

Awards Ceremonies

In the Quantum Leap community, we like to reward our valued community members. Tournament champions, giveaway winners, and other awards events will be hosted right in our very own Quantum World.


With a growing number of partnered projects in the NFT music scene, it is only fitting that we schedule special events for these artists to put their artistic talent on display for to community.


The power of the metaverse is simply underutilized at this moment in time. With events and engagements scattered across platforms, how can the Players keep up? Well don’t worry, we look to lead the industry in changing this! The Quantum Leap team is working on a model that integrates Twitter Spaces events with the Quantum World. Afterall, the Quantum World is where the Players gather!

So Much More!