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Game Mode and Mechanics

Daily Golden Battle

A massive tournament to be conducted daily within the Quantum World. This game mode features unique mechanics in providing value to token stakers, NFT holders, and introduces free-to-earn opportunities with the potential to onboard millions of Web2 users into Quantum Leap and Web3 gaming.

Battle Rooms

Wager $LEAP against other competitors in the Quantum World. These small and more intimate competitions create a competitive atmosphere where the winners take all! Many new developments coming to expand upon the Battle Rooms, with our ongoing improvement and expansion of the game.

The Gym

Not ready to compete with other Players in the Daily Golden Battle or Battle Rooms? Hit the gym to work on your skills, get familiar with the game, and train your NFT game skins to adjust the attributes to your style of play.

Streamer Mode

One of the major facets that Web3 gaming is lacking is content for streamers and content creators to take a game viral. Don’t worry, we have the solution to this problem! With Quantum Leap’ streamer mode established and aspiring content creators and streamers can enter a competition in a free-flying spectator camera and watch the Players as they battle it out.

Social Media Integration

As Web3 technology ventures into the expansion of the “metaverse,” connecting digital communities and platforms is essential! The Quantum Leap team will lead the industry in this, with the ability to share your accomplishments and content across social media platforms, directly from the Quantum World.
While we look to onboard millions of Web2 users into the Web3 ecosystem, there is no better way than to reach out to the Web3 communities and beyond. The Quantum Leap team is already building out a variety of sponsored tournament models that will introduce major play-to-earn platforms, game aggregators, Web3 gaming ecosystems, gaming guilds, Twitter Spaces communities, eSports teams, and Web2 tournament platforms!


Movements: Use ASDW keys to move in the four directions.
Jump: Use the space key to jump.
Looking: Use the mouse controller